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The magic of our villages

In Aparthotel - Apartments La Neu we know how important it is to keep our culture, our traditions and legends. For this reason, we strongly recommend a visit to one of the villages on the list that we have prepared:

- Llorts: the village where we are is, for many of Andorra, the most beautiful village in Andorra. Its most important attraction is the Romanesque church of Sant Serni.

- El Serrat is the last village before the ski slopes of Ordino. Interestingly, the huts and the old town.

- Former Ordino: the capital of the parish of Ordino has museums in the old town. One, the Areny Plandolit House Museum is a great attraction to who was one of the richest houses in Andorra.

- Village Pal: a very traditional village with many homes. It is located in the parish of La Massana.

- Village Fontaneda: is one of the most traditional mountain villages.