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Carmen Thyssen Museum

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The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra is located on the ground floor of the historic Hotel Valira, a building listed as a real estate by the Principality. The museum occupies a total of 500 m2. The whole surface is perfectly accessible and is equipped with the latest technical advances: thanks to the touch screens, the visitor can interact directly with the work and can enjoy information and different points of view.

The exhibitions at the Thyssen Museum in Andorra show some of the best works of Carmen Thyssen's private collection. Coming from the headquarters of Madrid and other artistic spaces of his property, pieces of masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, representing the main currents of his times, arrive to Andorra: French Impressionism, North American Impressionism, Catalan Modernism, Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism German, American hyperrealism... The exhibitions have an annual character and are renewed every 11 months.

The relationship of Carmen Thyssen with the Principality is very special: at the moment it has its residence in the country of the Pyrenees. Carmen has become the impeller of other great art galleries in Europe. In fact, this new Andorran museum is the third that has opened in the last years, after the one of Malaga and the one of Sant Feliu de Guíxols.