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The club was founded in 1970 under the name Club Basketball Les Escaldes, denomination that would change the following year by the current. He played his first seasons in the provincial championship in Lleida getting 1975-76 season promotion to the Primera Catalana. Next year waiver category by economic problems, returning in 1980.

The first major success came in the 1981-82 season, proclaimed champion of Catalonia 2nd Category, achieving promotion to the 1st Category. In a season 1983-84 Champion of Catalonia proclaims Category 1 and winning promotion to the 2nd Spanish National Division. The 1985-86 season champion Spain in the 2nd National Division proclaimed in the city of Badajoz and achieved promotion to the 1st National Division "B". The next three seasons Catalan National Champion League "B" is proclaimed, and in the same season 91-92 Champion of First "B" is proclaimed and achieved promotion to the ACB.

Stay four seasons in the top Spanish competition until 1996 demoted. Because extra-sport problems are forced to start again from below, until in 2008 reach the LEB Plata, in 2012 passed the LEB Plata to the LEB Oro in 2014 and finally gets the sports promotion to ACB, and after a Historical sponsorship agreement MoraBanc certifies promotion to ACB.

Today, with star players like Victor Sada, David Navarro and Beto, wants to keep the category in the best league in Europe.