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What to do in Andorra?

The museums

Different types of museums

- Houses Museums: House Areny-Plandolit (noble Andorran family) in Ordino, Rull House (middle-class family) in Sispony, Casa Cristo (humble family) in Encamp.

- Centers of interpretation: Interpretation Centre in Pal Romanesque, Nature Center in Cortinada, Mola and Cal Pal sawmill in La Cortinada, La Farga Rosell in Massana, the Art Center of Scald.

- Meritxell Sanctuary: Our patron saint (September 8) in Meritxell, Canillo. The new Sanctuary (1976), is a temple designed by Ricard Bofill. The old temple was burned later restored and now houses a permanent exhibition.

- Our Parliament (Casa de la Vall): The smaller European parliament. House of 1580, acquired by the parliament of Andorra in 1702, it has since been the parliamentary seo. Located in the old town of Andorra La Vella.