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What to do in Andorra?

The Route of Verdaguer

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The Verdaguer - Estany de Creussans hiking route is done in about 5 hours and is downhill, as it starts at the top of the Creussans chairlift. From here a series of explanatory signs mark our route. We will start the descent and come to the Port de Creussans, where we see a plate commemorating the arrival of the Catalan writer to Andorra on 25 August 1883, and we continue our route over alpine meadows to the Creussans Lake and further on we come to a modern building which is the la Coma restaurant at Vallnord ski resort. We follow the route across the Coma del Forat river and carry on down alongside the river Tristaina.

Further on the route will take us to the Marrades del Bruig where we continue along the old road to Castellar Bridge, where we cross a small tunnel. We continue along the path to the fields of Encodina and the Church of Sant Pere del Serrat. Once at the forge bridge we follow the path that goes alongside the river to the road, which we will cross, and then we continue following the signs to Llorts Mine. We will follow the route marked as the ‘Ruta del Ferro’ until we get to the little village of Llorts and the Romanesque church of Sant Cerni, we cross the les Moles bridge to the field of sculptures and carry on to Arans and the village of La Cortinada, the end of our route, where we will visit the church of Sant Martí and the Cal Pal Mill and Saw Works.