Welcome to your mountain refuge in Andorra
Hospitality and comfort in the heart of the Pyrenees
Welcome to your mountain refuge in Andorra
April, 2024
April, 2024
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1 room for 2 adults
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A family establishment with an Andorran past

Discover Apartaments La Neu

The Fillet Codina family, currently still in charge of Apartaments La Neu has always been linked to Andorra and its natural territory. For many years, the family was fully dedicated to livestock and agriculture.

His property, "Casa Antonet", was one of the only 13 houses that formed the village of Llorts and, one of those precisely with less financial resources. Life in Llorts in those years was very hard, especially during the cold winters of Andorra. The houses, although they were made of stone, were heated only with a fireplace located in the kitchen and which should serve to keep the whole house warm. You can imagine what colder nights!

With the passage of time, with a lot of effort and work, and with the opening of the Ordino-Arcalís ski resort, the little son of "Casa Antonet", Toni, and her wife Natàlia with the help of his brother Roger, had the idea to take advantage of those lands, which once served as crops and pastures, to build a tourist apartments establishment: Apartaments La Neu.

Today, and for more than 30 years, at Apartaments La Neu we continue working to move our beloved business forward with the emotion of seeing how the next generation formed by Joel and Judit brings youth, new technologies and another way of facing the future.

We can offer you a sincere, close treatment and the illusion to enjoy the beautiful things that we have within our reach and that we want to share with you like nature, wildness and beautiful landscapes. We want to tell you that here you will feel at home!

We want to thank all our present and future clients and, to all friends, the years that you have shared with us and those that, we hope, we will continue to share in the future!

Thank you very much to all!