The gastronomy in La Neu

"The kitchen is the heart of the home"

Our Chef... Eduardo Mondo

Edu was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) on January 5, 1984. His passion for cooking comes from he was a child. Son of father baker  at the age of 12 already helped him to make bread and cakes in his Canelones oven (Uruguay). And he enjoy very much what he did.. that's why he decided to train in other places studying and practicing what he most liked.

He was in Buenos Aires learning more precisely to perfect that traditional bread and that village pastry that had smelled, touched and eaten since childhood.

Until the age of 21 he arrived in Andorra, attracted to a small country, a country of opportunities and from which he had heard so much.

His beginnings in Andorra were hard but step by step he was finding his place. Five years in a bakery and in some restaurants served to bring all his knowledge to a country of different customs that could prove his great creations and that led him to experience beyond in the kitchen world.

And now is where the best part of history arrives ... the arrival at La Neu. In La Neu we had a friendly receptionist, Vanessa, who did not go unnoticed by Edu and every afternoon, just before starting the job, he came to take a coffee.

Thus we met Edu, a hard-working, humble boy and "good people" with a great passion for cooking. A person who does not seek personal success but the whole team that accompanies him.

In La Neu it was where his great interest in gastronomy led him to specialize in a more professional way and he continued to be completing numerous cooking and pastry courses that have been transformed into a great chef in the La Neu kitchen.

After many cutouts, he managed to marry Vanessa and, with 2 children, he continued next to La Neu, surprising each day with his fantastic creations!